Opening and Closing SQLstream s-Studio

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Opening and Closing SQLstream s-Studio

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Before using SQLstream s-Studio, you should normally have the SQLstream s-Server started. If that is not done yet, follow the directions in Starting and Stopping SQLstream s-Server. Studio can be started without an active Server but will not be able to connect.

Note that if s-Studio closes while connected to a SQLstream s-Server, it will attempt to auto-connect to the same server when it is next re-started. If s-Studio is first disconnected and then shutdown, upon starting anew it will come up quietly without trying to auto-connect.

Opening SQLstream s-Studio

Once the SQLstream s-Server is started, you can open SQLstream s-Studio by double-clicking its desktop icon or by running the s-Studio script in the s-Studio installation folder. If you installed as sudo, this is /opt/sqlstream/5.1.0XXX/s-Studio/s-Studio.


Connecting to s-Server

s-Studio is preconfigured to connect with an available installation of s-Server. To connect with s-Server, right-click the predefined repository instance in the left pane, called First SQLstream s-Server, and choose Connect.


Note: If your s-Studio Development pane does not contain the "First SQLstream s-Server," then open a terminal window, navigate to the $SQLSTREAM_HOME/bin directory, and run the script resetStudio. Then restart the server, and then restart s-Studio.)

Note: $SQLSTREAM_HOME refers to the installation directory for s-Server, such as /opt/sqlstream/5.1.0XXX.

Connecting to the First SQLstream s-Server

After showing a progress screen, as in the "Connecting" figure below, the interface to that predefined SQLstream instance will appear, showing the icons representing its predefined Schemas, Data Sources and Sinks, Plugins, and Pumps:

Development Pane Showing Elements Available after Connecting to First SQLstream s-Server

Development Pane Showing Elements Available after Connecting to First SQLstream s-Server

Closing SQLstream s-Studio

To close s-Studio, select File > Exit. If you have unsaved work, such as object definitions you have added or modified, the program will prompt you for which ones to save.

When the user interface closes, it stores the state of its current windows, so when you restart it, you should have the same items open in the same locations.