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5_2_indicator Version 5.2 Feature

ALTER USER lets you add a password to a user, including the system administrator.


ALTER USER <user> IDENTIFIED BY <password>.


where <user> is the name of an existing user.

This sets the user <user>'s password to be <password>.

To change the sysadmin's password, fore example, you would use the following code:

ALTER USER "sa" IDENTIFIED BY 'newPassword';


Using Passwords When Connecting to s-Server

When connecting to s-Server through sqlline, you can specify a username with -n <username> and a password by passing -p <password>

sqllineClient will ask for a password if you pass it --PASSWORD

For s-Studio, you can enter a user name and password in the Connection Properties dialog box. See Entering a JDBC URL for s-Studio.

To use StreamLab or s-Dashboard after adding user passwords, you will need to set a default user name and password through WebAgent.

WebAgent has command line arguments for setting the default user/password. See Command Line Arguments for WebAgent in the Integration Guide.