Viewing Column Details and Suggestions

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Viewing Column Details and Suggestions

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As rows stream into StreamLab, a piece of software called the scrutinizer continually checks these rows for patterns, offering suggestions for command that you can apply to the source.

To view details and suggestions on a column, mouse over the column's heading. StreamLab offers notes and suggestions about the column. For example, StreamLab notes that the column below might contain hostnames or IP addresses, or longitudes, or bearings. These suggestions can help you identify a column's contents.


Column Color Coding

Columns are coded according to the following color scheme:

White columns indicate columns of type text, such as VARCHAR (1024).

Yellow columns indicate columns of type time, such as TIMESTAMP.

Green columns indicate columns of type numerical, such as DOUBLE and INTEGER.

For example, in the screen grab below, columns ROWTIME and when are time columns, columns id and title are text columns, and columns magnitude, latitude, and longitude are type numerical.