Table Lookup

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Table Lookup

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The Table Lookup analytic lets you enrich a guide with data stored in an external database. You do so by joining one of the columns in the guide with one of the columns in the database table. For example, if your guide has columns of data on bus positions and speed, and one of the columns, contains a driver identification number, you might join the guide with a database table that has information on the driver's names matched to their identification numbers. By doing so, you can add one or more new columns to your guide with enriched information.

To use table lookup, you first need to create an external connection. See the topic StreamLab External Connections Overview in this guide for more details. You then need to add one of the tables from the external connection as a source. See the topic Adding an External Table Source in this guide for more details.

Once you have an external table added as a source, it will be available in the table menu of the Table Lookup command.

To use Table Lookup:

1.Select a table from the table popup menu.

2.Choose a column from the current guide (left) and external table (right). These columns will be matched by StreamLab, and used to fill in the guide with additional columns from the external table.

3.If you know the number of rows contained in the external table, you can speed processing by entering a cache size and clicking the Prefetch Rows option.

4.You can use a feature called fuzzy lookup if your column uses numbers, and if these numbers only need to be close. Working with latitudes and longitudes is good use case for this setting, since you will not necessarily get an equals match when joining on latitude or longitude. In this case, with fuzzy set to true, numbers that are close to each other will match.