StreamLab Workflow

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StreamLab Workflow

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Before you can analyze and present data in StreamLab, that data needs to be made available in s-Server. Local log files are an exception to this rule, in that you can add these to StreamLab directly through the StreamLab interface.

The workflow for StreamLab includes the following steps:

1.Once you have set up StreamLab and it is communicating with s-Server, StreamLab developers add sources to StreamLab. Some of these sources may exist in s-Server. Others can be created with local log files.

2.StreamLab developers then use these sources to create guides in order to create views of data in s-Server.

3.StreamLab developers may develop sinks from these guides--sinks can serve as sources for other guides, or feed data to an external source.

4.StreamLab developers generate dashboards from these views and share them with others.