StreamLab Artifacts

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StreamLab Artifacts

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StreamLab generates a set of artifacts in its repository. You can move project and dashboard files from one installation of StreamLab to another. Older versions of StreamLab may not run projects generated in newer versions of StreamLab. With some exceptions, new versions of StreamLab will run projects generated in older versions.

To more a StreamLab project, you simply copy files from one repository to another. You can also move StreamLab dashboards to either a machine running s-Dashboard or a machine running another instance of StreamLab.

Moving Repository Files

Files are located in the following directory:


To move files, copy files from this location to the same location on another user's machine. Once you do so and start StreamLab, these projects will be available on the Projects page.

Moving Dashboard Files

Dashboard files are located in the following location:



These are the dashboards the user has created via StreamLab. Each dashboard is two files, *.json and *.json.rose.

The *.json file can be copied to a machine running s-Dashboard, to be served as a dashboard.

To copy dashboards between StreamLab repositories, you need to copy both the *.json file and the corresponding *.json.rose file. If need to rename these files, rename the both with the same name.