StreamLab SQL Overview

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StreamLab SQL Overview

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For all projects, you can view the SQL generated by the project, as well as the SQL for individual pages. To do so, click the Goals and Scripts button in the upper right corner of StreamLab sl_guide_goals_script_button.

The Goals and Scripts window lists the following:

Goals for the project. All goals, met and unmet, for the current project. By clicking the arrow next to a goal, you can open the page containing the goal.

This project's SQL script. SQL for all script items in the entire project, such as those from columns parsed with Regex, renamed columns, split columns, extracted columns, and so on. See Viewing SQL Generated by Guide for more details.

This project's removal script. The removal script consists of the commands to remove everything created by the project from s-server's catalog, and can be exported separately, or executed to clean up after a project. See Removing SQL Objects Generated by StreamLab for more details.