StreamLab Input Overview

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StreamLab Input Overview

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StreamLab sources are data sources that feed guides. They capture data from sensors, message buses, network feeds, applications, databases, and other sources. You can parse local log files--files reachable from s-Server--through StreamLab. Most data sources will need to be configured through s-Server. For more information on configuring these sources, please see the Integration Guide.

You can add a range of different sources, including:

Adding an External Stream Source

Adding an External Table Source

Adding a Blaze Stream Source

Adding a Blaze Table Source

Adding a Public Data Source

Adding an RSS/Atom Source

To add a source, you drag it from the left hand column into the middle column.


Once you have added the source, you click it to configure it. You can delete sources by clicking the circle in its upper right corner. You can throttle sources if data is coming in too fast for StreamLab to process.