Scatter Matrix

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Scatter Matrix

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The Scatter Matrix panel takes two or more data columns and plots them against each other in every possible combination. For example, if you have two columns, A and B, running the Scatter Matrix dashboard results in four plots:

A on X axis/B on Y axis

A on X axis/A on Y axis

B on X axis/A on Y axis

B on X axis, B on Y axis

Selecting three columns would result in nine combinations, four in sixteen combinations, and so on.


To generate a Scatter Matrix dashboard:

1.Select the Scatter Matrix tab in the Custom Dashboard commands.

2.Select a column to serve as a Key Value. The key column is a partition key, a value to group the rows by, or in this case, the visualization of the rows. This column should have a limited number of values.

3.Click the + icon to add the suggestion to the Script.

4.Click the Dashboard icon sl_view_custom_dashboard in the script.

5.The Scatter Matrix dashboard opens.

Once the dashboard opens, you can modify it with panel preferences or by modifying the layout.