Installing StreamLab

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Installing StreamLab

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You can install SQLstream StreamLab using an X-windows wizard. The easiest way to launch the installer is by initiating the installation file from the command line.

The StreamLab installer ships as a binary file - usually named SQLstream-StreamLab-2.0.0 (where X.Y.Z is the version number - for example, 2.0.0) that you acquired either from a SQLstream CD or by downloading it from

Note: You can also install StreamLab in text-only mode. See Appendix A: Installing StreamLab on the Command Line.

To install StreamLab:

1.From a terminal prompt enter ./

If the installer does not launch, make sure the file is executable by running chmod +x <filename>.

The Welcome page appears, introducing the Setup Wizard.


2.Click Forward. The License Agreement page of the installation wizard opens.


3.If you are logged in as root, the default directory is /opt/sqlstream/2.1.1/, otherwise the default directory is /home/<user>/sqlstream/SQLstream/2.1.1/ Confirm the directory, then click Forward. The Repository Directory page opens.


4.Confirm the directory, then click Forward.


5.Click Forward. The StreamLab Service/Daemon page opens. This page lets you setup StreamLab as a service that starts automatically at system startup.


7.Choose whether or not to create the service and click Forward. The Ready to Install page opens.


Click Forward to start the Installation. See the topic Running StreamLab to begin using StreamLab.