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GroupRank lets you group rows by the values in one column (group by) and then rank the rows within that group according to another column (rank by) across a window defined by you.

To implement a GroupRank operation:

1.Enter a name for the column that will display length

2.Select a column that StreamLab will use to group rows over the group window.

3.Select a column that StreamLab will use to rank rows within the group defined above.

4.Select an operation to aggregate values within the group. See Operations Used in Commands for more details on these operations.

5.Select a length and unit for the group window, such as "1 hour" or "15 minutes."

6.Chose to sort group rows in either ascending or descending order.

7.Choose to order output rows in either ascending or descending order.

8.Choose rolling or tumbling window type. See below for more information on these.

9.If desired, define a max idle time for holding a group for ranking. When maxIdle expires the current group is released to the stream. A value of zero indicates no idle time out.

10.If desired, indicate the maximum number of rows the UDX will output in a given group. A value of 0 indicates no limit.

11.Click the + icon to add the command to the Guide script.

12.The results of the script appear in the Output View window.