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Analytics commands let you apply a number of different analytics to the Output view in StreamLab. Some of these produce new columns, and others change selected columns themselves.


This command lets you create quick "buckets" of data for a particular column, including COUNT, SUM, and AVERAGE.


This command lets you perform an arithmetical calculation on a column, such as adding 2000 to the column or dividing the column in 2. Selected columns must have numerical values, such as DOUBLE.


This command lets you take a continuous value, such as a bus speed, and replace it with strings such as "fast", "medium", or "slow" by applying conditions to the column.

Running Average

This command lets you create a new column that is a running average of another column over a given window of time.

Time Sort

This command uses a sliding time-based window of incoming rows to reorder those rows by the selected column or by ROWTIME in order to address time synchronization problems with data.


This command lets you perform a windowed aggregation on a selected column. The command produces a new column with the result of the operation.


This command lets you group rows by the values in one column (group by) and then rank the rows within that group according to another column (rank by) across a window defined by you.

Partition Window

This command lets you partition rows into groups using the columns in a particular column.

Table Lookup

This command lets you enrich a guide with data stored in an external database.

Advanced Analytics

The following analytics are provided in order to provide access to advanced s-Server features. Using them requires advanced knowledge of SQL.

Call UDX

This command lets you enter the name of a predefined custom user transform. A user-defined transform is a user-defined function that returns a table or a stream. Its input arguments can be scalars or cursors.

Custom View

This comand lets you enter SQL that will be used to transform the stream you are building in the Guide.

Inject SQL

This command lets you inject any block of SQL into s-Server through StreamLab.