Adding a View Source

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Adding a View Source

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s-Server tables are similar to traditional RDBMS database views. Views must be present in s-Server before you can add them as a StreamLab source.

To add an s-Server view a as a StreamLab source:

1.On the Sources page, drag a view source from the left column into the center area.

2.Click the new view source.

The Edit view Source page opens.

3.Select a schema from the pulldown menu on the left.


4.Select a view from the pulldown menu on the right.


5.Select a view type from the Type pulldown menu. Views are either of tables or streams. Consult your s-Server developer to determine if the view is of a table or stream. If reading the source fails, switch to the other view type.


6.Test the source by clicking the Sample 5 Rows from Source button.

7.Click the Go Up arrow to exit the Edit table Source page.