Adding a Local Log File Source

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Adding a Local Log File Source

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This release of StreamLab lets you make decisions how to parse log files. For example, if you know that columns of data in your log file are separated by spaces and quotation marks, as with the following line,

"MAR 10" "OH" "45419"

To add a Local Log File source:

1.On the Sources page, drag a local log file source from the left column into the center area.

2.Click the new local log file source.

The Edit Local Log File Source page opens.

3.By default, StreamLab uses the project schema for the new source. You can also select a schema from the pulldown menu on the left.


4.Select a stream from the pulldown menu on the right. This is the stream into which lines from the log file will be read.

5.Next, enter information in some or all of the following fields. The Log Path field is mandatory.

Log Path. The file system path to the log file, such as /var/log/logfile.log

File Pattern. Java Regular Expression used to identify log files. File pattern property used if LOG_PATH turns out to be a directory

Sleep Interval. Sleep interval between tail reads, in milliseconds.

Rotation Check. Number of sleep intervals without a change in the log file before tail checks for rotation.

6.Test the source by clicking the Sample 5 Rows from Source button.

7.Click the Go Up arrow to exit the Edit Source page.


8.To parse the log file, add a guide using the newly added Local Log File source.