Creating a Panel

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Creating a Panel

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By default, one panel opens in a dashboard. To add additional panels, you need to first enclose the dashboard in a layout. You do so through the s-Dashboard menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard:

Once you do so, the page layout changes. For example, if you choose Horizontal, the page changes to the following:


Once the layout changes, you can add additional frames by clicking the s-Dashboard menu for the new frame:


Add frame before inserts a frame to the left of the current frame.

Add frame after inserts a frame to the right of the current frame

For example, the layout below shows a horizontal frame added before the current frame:


You can also enclose one of the new panels in a layout by using the s-Dashboard menu. All the same layout options are available for enclosed panels. For example, the panel below has a Main with Frame layout added to the horizontal panel on the right:


Using the options above, you can adjust panel layouts until you are satisfied with them. When you save the dashboard, the layouts will remain intact.

Selecting a Panel Type

For each panel, you can select a panel type.