Setting Input Preferences

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Setting Input Preferences

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Each frame gets its input from one stream, view, or table and displays it using the selected panel. There are separate preferences for how the frame reads its input and for whatever panel is selected.

You can set preferences for input through the Input Preferences dialog box.

To open this dialog box, click the Input Preferences icon (the gear to the right of "select input":


The Input Preferences dialog box opens.


Include ROWTIME. Each stream, view, or table in s-Server contains a column called ROWTIME which lists a timestamp for the row. Depending on your application, you may not always want to view this column. This command removes the ROWTIME column from the input.

Treat View as Table. By default, s-Server assumes views are of streaming data, but they can refer to tables. If you know that your view refers to a table, you can use the Treat View as a Table command to ask s-Dashboard to treat the view as a table (and therefore check the server less frequently.

Automatic refresh. By default, tables are read only once. This option asks s-Dashboard to re-read the table after this many seconds. If 0, the table is only read once. Because streams are read continuously, this option is ignored when reading streams.

SELECT Template. By default, the dashboard uses either SELECT * FROM <input> SELECT (if Include ROWTIME is not selected) or SELECT STREAM ROWTIME,* FROM <input> (if Include ROWTIME is selected). You can use the SELECT template field to create a custom SELECT statement. This is an advanced feature that requires knowledge of both SQL and JavaScript to use. See Using the SELECT template in this guide.