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s-Dashboard menu

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The s-Dashboard menu is the main way to manage dashboards. It is available by clicking the SQLstream icon in the upper right corner of s-Dashboard. It provides options for how you view s-Dashboard, options for the currently selected panel, and options for changing the layout frame.


Show title bar. The bar at the top of a panel is known as the Title Bar. You can choose to hide this bar with the Show Title Bar command.

Set title. You can assign each panel a name using the Set Title command. This command also lets you change the name of the panel. Once you assign the name, it appears in the Title Bar.

Select panel. This command causes the same action as clicking the Select Panel link, and lets you select a panel type, such as an HTML table, a time-based chart, or map.

Select input. This command causes the same action as clicking the Select Input link, and lets you select a stream, view, or table from which to view data from the associated instance of s-Server.

Panel preferences. Opens the

Input preference. This command opens the Input Preferences dialog box, which lets you choose whether to include the ROWTIME column for the table, view, or stream, choose to treat a stream as a table, and other options. See the topic Setting Input Preferences for more details.

Reopen input. This command lets you restart the connection to the stream, view, or table associated with the panel.

Save dashboard. This command lets you save the current panel layout.

Invalidate cache. This command asks s-Dashboard to check the current catalog for s-Server (the catalog is cached, or stored in memory, the first time you select input for the panel. You will most likely want to use this command if s-Server's catalog has changed, that is, if your developers have added a new schema, stream, table, or view. Check with your developers for more information on the catalog for your instance of s-Server.

Enclose in layout frame. This command lets you add a layout frame to the current panel. See the topic Enclosing a Panel in a Layout Frame for more details.