Integrating a Dashboard into a Web Page

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Integrating a Dashboard into a Web Page

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You can integrate dashboards into a web page using iframes. An iframe embeds another HTML page into the current page. See for more information on iframes, particularly on customizing their attributes.

In s-Dashboard, simply copy the URL from the browser in which you are viewing s-Dashboard.

To export a dashboard's URL for sharing in StreamLab, click the Export URL icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard:


<iframe> tags work similarly to <img> tags.

A very simple page would look something like the following:



<h1>My Dashboard</h1>

<!--add whatever content you want to add here-->

<iframe src="http://myserver:5590/dashboard/user/autogen/dash-2015-01-04T09:37:03.003-5cbcae" height=500>


<!--iframe with link to dashboard-->