Creating a Simple Table

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Creating a Simple Table

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A Table is the simplest type of visualization object. It displays a table with all columns for the stream, view, or table. If the input is streaming (a stream or streaming view), the table will continually update.

To create a simple table:

1.Click the Select Input link in the Title Bar. The Select Input dialog box opens.

2.Select a stream or table to display in the panel, such as MOCHI > Streams > PhoneLoginEvents. Note: in order for this stream to be present, you need to have previously run the Mochi demonstration application.


Next, click the Panel link to open the Select Panel dialog box. The Panel link is located between the Select Input link and the s-Dashboard menu icon.


3.Select Simple HTML Table from the Select Panel dialog box.


A table will open. If the input selected is a stream or a streaming view, data will continually change in the table.

New row messages should appear at the rate selected in WebAgent (this is a configuration made by your System Administrator).


By default, the table displays 10 rows. After the eleventh row appears, the first row disappears.

To clear the panel, click the Clear link. Once you do so, new rows will appear at the top of the panel.

Changing Input

You can change the input for the table at any time by using the Select Input link.