s-Dashboard Input Overview

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s-Dashboard Input Overview

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s-Dashboard takes streams and views and displays these visually. In order to get the results you want, you need to configure this data, usually at two stages:

1.You first need to use s-Server, sqlline, s-Studio, or StreamLab to configure a stream or view for display. The tutorials in Enter value offer suggestions on how to do so. The easiest method is to use StreamLab, but working directly in SQL (using either sqlLine or s-Studio, for example) gives you a wider range of options.

2.Once you have this stream or view established, you select input in s-Dashboard and further configure this input using by setting input preferences. Different display panels have different data needs. Some panels require a key column, for example, while others require numerical data or latitude/longitude.

You select input for each dashboard separately. This means that you can view the same data in multiple ways in two dashboards, view streams or views from two different schemas, or view different streams from the same schema.