StreamLab Projects Overview

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StreamLab Projects Overview

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A StreamLab project is a set of StreamLab sources, external connections, sinks, and guides. You can create projects for different use cases, such as monitoring log on activity to a web site, tracking vehicle speeds across a bus system, or measuring HTTP requests on a server. StreamLab contains several built-in StreamApps that you can use as the basis for projects. See StreamLab Galleries.

Sources are log files, Kafka topics, JSON files, web feeds, external database tables, s-Server streams and tables, and so on. They capture data from web feeds, sensors, message buses, network feeds, applications, databases, and other sources. You can parse local log files--files reachable from s-Server--through StreamLab.

External Connections are databases or other data sources external to SQLstream s-Server. Once you set up an external connection, you can read and write to such data sources from StreamLab using a sink.

Sinks are destinations for rows of data, usually an external file system, message bus, or database. In s-Server, a sink consists of a stream and a pump to fill it (a pump moves data from one location to another. Internally, StreamLab uses sinks to connect guides with each other.

Guides are collections of commands, suggestions, and scripts that you use to generate SQL views on your data sources. You can view and export the SQL generated by guides. See the topic StreamLab Guides Overview in this guide for more details.

Projects can named, saved, and reopened. They have unique URLs, which you can share with others. Project names and user names will be appended to the StreamLab URL, as in the following:

Generally, you will want to have multiple StreamLab projects to manage different aspects of your data. You may want to start with a single project and save a copy of it when you are satisfied with it, building up a set of StreamLab applications to examine different configurations of data.

StreamLab projects are listed on the StreamLab projects home page.

Project Settings

You can change the project's name, schema name, and adjust other settings through the Project Settings dialog. You can access this dialog box by clicking the Settings icon in the top left corner of the StreamLab page:


The Project Settings dialog lets you change the project's name and project schema name.

A schema is where project elements are "stored" in s-Server. By default, all the objects you create--guides, sinks, external connections, sources--are stored in the Project schema. The schema name is particularly important for developers who are accessing content that you create in StreamLab through s-Server.

The Project Settings dialog box also lets you adjust settings related to the Scrutinizer. See the topic Managing the Scrutinizer.