Writing to MongoDB

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Writing to MongoDB

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The MongoDB ECDA adapter writes batches of data to a MongoDB collection. Currently, the MongoDB ECDA adapter works with BSON only. In order to write to a MongoDB collection, you must first define a server object for a MongoDB server, as well as a foreign stream that defines the specific collection into which you are writing. The minimum credentials required to write to a MongoDB are a fully qualified URL and the name of the COLLECTION. Next, you set up and performing an INSERT into a foreign stream in order to write data to a MongoDB collection.

For more information on MongoDB URLs, see https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/connection-string/.

For adapters, you configure and launch the adapter in SQL, using either server or foreign stream/table options. For agents, you configure such options using a properties file and launch the agent at the command line. Many of the options for the ECD adapter and agent are common to all I/O systems. The CREATE FOREIGN STREAM topic in the Streaming SQL Reference Guide has a complete list of options for the ECD adapter.

Note: Because of the nature of streaming data, you will need to set up a pump in order to move rows continually from an s-Server stream to another stream, file, Kafka topic, RDBMS table or other location. Pumps are INSERT macros that continually pass data from one point in a streaming pipeline to the other. A model for setting up a pump is provided below. See the topic CREATE PUMP in the s-Server Streaming SQL Reference Guide for more details.

Sample Code

CREATE OR REPLACE SERVER "mongodbWriteServer" TYPE 'mongodb'



CREATE OR REPLACE FOREIGN STREAM "MongoWriterSchema"."MongoWriterStream"


"clientOS" VARCHAR(16),

"playerVersion" VARCHAR(32),

"sessionId" VARCHAR(64),

"clientIPAddress" VARCHAR(32),



   SERVER "mongodbWriteServer"



   "URL" 'mongodb://user:password@localhost:27017/db',

   "COLLECTION" 'stream',

   "DATE_FORMAT" 'mm/dd/yyyy',





SET SCHEMA '"Pumps"';



--We recommend creating pumps as stopped

--then using ALTER PUMP "Pumps"."writerPump" START to start it

INSERT INTO "MongoWriterSchema"."MongoWriterStream"


--where "MyStream" is a currently existing stream


To start writing data, use the following code:

ALTER PUMP "Pumps"."writerPump" START;