Using the WebAgent Test Tool

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Using the WebAgent Test Tool

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WebAgent includes a browser-based test tool through which you can run and confirm WebAgent requests.

To access the tool, enable the -a option when you launch WebAgent.

The tool is available at port 5580 at whatever host is running WebAgent.

Each page features a Save to URL option. This lets you copy the URL in the browser and send a test's results to another user.

The home page for the tool lets you enter a host and port for s-Server, and then test WebAgent's connectivity to s-Server.

To open the API test tools, click the button in the upper right corner of the home page.


The API Tests page lists tests that correspond to each WebAgent request. See webAgent requests in the topic webAgent for more details.


When you open a test, its page lets you enter parameters for the test. For example, the /sqlstream test lets you first enter a user name and password for s-Server, then open a web socket to s-Server.

Once the socket is open, you can enter SQL and send it to s-Server, viewing the results in the box below. Details on parameters for all tests appear in the topic webAgent in this guide. For example, parameters for /sqlstream appear here.