JDK compatibility

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JDK compatibility

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The SQLstream JDBC driver is JDBC 4 compatible (meaning it implements the 1.7 Java JDBC APIs) and will only run on the 1.7 JVM. JDBC classes, methods and features added in Java 1.7 are provided by the SQLstream driver.

Note: SQLstream s-Server 5.1.0 is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the SQLstream JDBC driver.

The driver is delivered as two independent JARs:

driver-only JAR --- /lib/sqlstreamjdbc.jar -- contains only 1.7-compatible SQLstream driver code: no third-party libraries.

"complete" JAR --- /lib/sqlstreamjdbc_complete.jar --- contains same classes as driver-only JAR plus 1.7-compatible versions of any third-party libraries upon which the implementation depends.

The lib directory is found where SQLstream s-Server is installed: $SQLSTREAM_HOME/lib

The jar files are also found in the jdbc directory when the ClientTools are installed (via SQLstream-3.0.0-clienttools-linux.run).