Failure scenarios

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Failure scenarios

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SQLstream s-Server fails or is unreachable

If the SQLstream s-Server fails, the driver reports an error. The JDBC driver reports an error. If the client application is waiting in a driver method at that time, it will be notified of the error immediately. Otherwise the client application may not learn of the server crash until it next calls into the driver.

When first asked to create a JDBC connection, the driver attempts to establish an SDP connection. If the SQLstream s-Server is unreachable and either of these connections cannot be made, the driver reports an error.

(The system administrator might prevent this situation from happening by implementing a hot- or cold-swap for the SQLstream s-Server, and a load balancer so that clients can address it using the same name.)

Client application crashes

If the SQLstream s-Server detects that the client application crashed, the SQLstream s-Server then cleans up any server-side orphaned statements.

Server-side distributed garbage collection (DGC) eventually harvests the remote objects abandoned by the crashed application and finalizers in these objects perform any remaining cleanup.