Configuring State Table

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Configuring State Table

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Note: the functionality of this adapter has been replaced by the SQL/MED Plugin for JDBC. If you are new to s-Server, please use this plugin to connect with an external database. This plugin provides SQL/MED access to any foreign DBMS for which a JDBC driver is available.

The state table is a database table that tracks the last row read from the source table. For each source table being tailed, there is one row in the state table that tracks the last read made from the source table (high-water mark). TableReader maintains its high-water mark for a source table's queryCol by either numeric record ID (BIGINT) or by record time (DATETIME or TIMESTAMP, depending on the database). TableReader automatically uses the source table's queryCol type to determine which type to use for the high-water mark tracking.

Note: If the trailed table is empty, SQLS_highTime is automatically set to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

The following table shows the options for the state table.


Possible Values (default in bold)




Table name of the external database that is being queried.



High watermark to keep track of the count of the last row read from the source table.



Description: High water mark for timestamp, keeps track of the time stamp on the

last row read from the source table