Configuring Control Stream

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Configuring Control Stream

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Note: the functionality of this adapter has been replaced by the SQL/MED Plugin for JDBC. If you are new to s-Server, please use this plugin to connect with an external database. This plugin provides SQL/MED access to any foreign DBMS for which a JDBC driver is available.

Define the management columns for the Foreign Stream

Each foreign stream created to update a table must have two management columns followed by a list of columns that aligns with the columns in the source table. The "SQLS_opcode" management column is where you will specify updating as incremental or by replacement.

While inserting rows into the foreign stream, you need to pass appropriate values in that column specifying the type of operation you want to perform. The foreign stream columns need not be exactly the same types as the table's columns, but the names must match exactly and the target columns must be assignable from the foreign stream columns.

The following table shows the management columns and server options.


Possible Values (default in bold)





Used when defining a stream as either a control stream or a tableEvents stream. For control streams, the additional options available are shown in this table.


'pause'/'suspend', 'resume'

Column name option for insert



Column name option for insert. This gets written in the trace.log, but is not used elsewhere. Not optional in declaration. Can be left null on insert.