What is Next?

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What is Next?

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Release Notes

Once you are logged in and have installed SQLstream, you can find the release notes at:


Online Documentation

Online documentation can be found at:



If you are using a SQLstream-customized virtual machine, you will find Firefox has been installed as a browser.

What to Read Next

For developers, the next document to read is the Getting Started with SQLstream, which discusses some simple examples of streaming queries and applications. That document also describes how third party applications - both local and remote - can send data to and from the SQLstream engine using the SQLstream adapters and plugins.

For administrators, the next document to read is the SQLstream Administrator Guide.

Port Adjustments

If your installation requires the use (or avoidance) of particular ports:

1.Copy the file aspen.custom.properties from the $SQLSTREAM_HOME/support directory to the $SQLSTREAM_HOME directory.

2.Determine unused ports on your system to use for Sdpport (you can ignore the testPort).

3.Document your choices in an /etc/aspen-ports.conf file so that others can avoid using those ports.

4.Using port 5576 for sdp, edit the aspen.custom.properties file to look as follows: