Appendix: Upgrading SQLstream s-Server

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Appendix: Upgrading SQLstream s-Server

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To upgrade to a new version of s-Server, you should take the following steps:

1.Stop the old server. See the topic Starting and Stopping SQLstream Server in this guide for more details.

2.Install the new version using the steps in Installing s-Server. By default, the new version will install into a new directory named after the new version, along the lines of  SQLstream 3.0.1.XXXX.

3.Copy the files $SQLSTREAM_HOME/, (or if you customized this file) to the new installation directory. ($SQLSTREAM_HOME refers to the base installation directory.)

4.Copy any.jar files that you have created or modified in the $SQLSTREAM_HOME/plugins directory to the new plugins directory. ($SQLSTREAM_HOME refers to the base installation directory.)

5.Run the newly installed server.

6.Once you are satisfied that the new server is running correctly, you should uninstall the old server.

Note: We recommend against running multiple versions of s-Server alongside one another.