SQLstream s-Server Licensing

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SQLstream s-Server Licensing

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SQLstream requires a license to run at full capacity. When you first install SQLstream s-Server, you register for a license, and will receive an email from our license server with a link that lets you activate this license. Once you activate your license, you can run s-Server for 60 days of product evaluation. This trial license places no limit on the number of parallel number of threads in SQLstream s-Server. After the trial license expires, you need to request a new trial license from SQLstream.

Purchased Licenses

Purchased licenses are managed by a file in $SQLSTREAM_HOME, the installation directory for s-Server, such as /opt/sqlstream/5.1.0.XXX/s-Server/. To load a new license, simply place the license file in $SQLSTREAM_HOME. After you place a license file in $SQLSTREAM_HOME, s-Server no longer requires over-the-network licensing.

Installing with a Trial License Behind a Firewall

If your initial installation is behind a firewall, you will need to set a Linux environment variable called https_proxy in order to access the license server.

You do so with a command along the following lines:

export https_proxy=http://proxy.my_company.com[:port]/


This link gives examples of using this variable: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-set-proxy-environment-variable/

Note: http_proxy will not work. Also, SQLstream does not support a username and password in the proxy variable.