Quick Post Installation Steps

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Quick Post Installation Steps

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After you install s-Server, you can launch the Mochi demo, view streaming data in s-Studio, and create visualizations in StreamLab. This document describes quick steps for completing these tasks.

The Mochi demonstration application simulates clusters of failed logins at a bank, either by phone or web, as well as withdrawals or debits using the same customer id number. See Running the Mochi Demo for more details.

Launching the Mochi Demo


Click Run Mochi Demo desktop icon

or open terminal > $cd /opt/sqlstream/5.1.0.X.XXX/s-Server/demo/mochi/ > $./rundemo.sh        

Wait 4-5 minutes for the Mochi demo catalog to install.

http://localhost:5595 should open by default


Viewing Streaming Data in s-Studio

Once you have data flowing with the Mochi application, you can open s-Studio and view data streaming.


Click s-Studio desktop icon


$cd /opt/sqlstream/5.1.0X.XXX/s-Studio



2.In s-Studio, select First SQLstream Server.

3.Right-click > Connect.


4.Click to expand: Schemas > Mochi > Streams

5.Select a stream, such as PhoneLoginEvents


6.Right-click > Inspect

View data streaming.


Using StreamLab

Once you have data flowing with the Mochi application, you can install StreamLab and create visualizations.

1.Change permission for installer:

sudo chmod +x SQLstream-StreamLab-


2.Run the installer: ./SQLstream-StreamLab-

3.Follow prompts for installer.


4.In the StreamLab folder on your desktop, click the Start StreamLab Server icon.

Wait 1-2 minutes.

5.Click StreamLab icon to launch StreamLab.


6.Click the Projects link.

7.On the page that opens, click the icon to the right of StreamLab Sample_App. This creates a new project


8.Enter a name for the project and click Copy.


9.Once you have installed StreamLab and created a project you add data to the project from Mochi.


10.Click Open Project and close the Help page. Click Sources. Then click the Import Schema button on the page that opens.


11.Select MOCHI from the pulldown menu and click Import.


Mochi sources display. Click the up arrow in upper right corner to exit source screen and return to the project home page.


12.Open the Guide page and drag a guide from the left column into the middle.


13.Click the new guide to open it and select a source, such as PhoneLoginEvents, from the window that opens.


The guide opens with streaming data in the Output window. You can now manipulate this data and create visualizations using Commands. For more detail, see StreamLab help (available by clicking help_button )