List of Client Tools

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List of Client Tools

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The following client tools install on both Linux and Windows.




SQLLine is a command-line tool for communicating with the SQLstream s-Server. It is a generic & open-source database client that works with any jdbc database. More information about SQLLine can be found at:


Datagen generates test data for SQLstream applications, and pushes the data into SQLstream using the SQLstream JDBC Driver. For more information, see the topic SQLstream JDBC Driver in the s-Server Enterprise Integration Guide.


JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) is a standard Java API for connecting to relational databases and other data sources that can produce relational data.

Log File Agent

The Log File Agent is installed on a remote server to supply log file records generated on that server as input to a stream being generated on the SQLstream s-Server.

File Writer Agent

The File Writer Agent converts input rows into character-separated output based on columnNames. It operates as a "sink" adapter converting streaming tuples into a character-separated file, such as comma-delimited (CSV), pipe-delimited, or tab-delimited. Note: TheFileWriter Agent does not create XML files.

Network Socket Agent

The Network Socket Agent ("NSAgent") writes to one or more SQLstream streams and optionally records all incoming packets.


webAgent functions as a simple, miniature Web server. It accepts HTTP requests, sends these to s-Server, and returns JSON objects. See for more details on JSON objects.

Google Big Query Connector

SQLstream Google Big Query Connector is a bulk load script that lets you load s-Server data into Google Big Query.