Installing SQLstream Blaze

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Installing SQLstream Blaze

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Purpose of this document

This document describes how to install s-Server, view the Mochi demonstration application, use SQLstream s-Studio, and install SQLstream StreamLab.


This document is intended for anyone interested in installing SQLstream Blaze.

Install Options

You can install SQLstream Blaze in the following ways. An overview of SQLstream Blaze components is here.

1.Directly into your environment using Linux and Windows installers. With this option, you install s-Server (whose installer package includes s-Dashboard, s-Studio, and client tools) and StreamLab separately.

2.Into Amazon Web Services, using either Amazon Marketplace or as an Amazon Machine Image directly. Both options include s-Server, s-Dashboard, and StreamLab packaged together.

3.As a Virtual Machine image. This option includes all SQLstream Blaze components.

4.As a Virtual Hard Disk. This option includes all SQLstream Blaze components.

5.As a Docker container. This option includes all SQLstream Blaze components.

What's Next After Installing

Once you install SQLstream s-Server, you should run the Mochi demo. See the topic Running the Mochi Demo in this guide for more details.

After running the Mochi demo, see the topic Using SQLstream s-Studio for instructions on how to view streaming data in s-Studio.

You can also install SQLstream StreamLab by following the instructions in the topic Installing SQLstream StreamLab.