Confirming SQLstream s-Server is Running

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Confirming SQLstream s-Server is Running

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To confirm that SQLstream s-Server is running, do one of the following:

Check if s-Server appears in SQLstream s-Studio.

Use jps -l to confirm that "AspenVJdbcServer" is running. (This is the actual name of s-Server.)

Start SQLstream s-Studio

Once the SQLstream s-Server is started, you can open SQLstream s-Studio by double-clicking its desktop icon or by running the SQLstream script from any directory. When you launch s-Studio, you will need to enter connection information for your installation of s-Server.

If the server is running, s-Studio should connect to it and its icon will appear in the left pane of s-Studio:


Use jps -l

SQLstream s-Server runs as a Java Virtual Machine called AspenVJdbcServer.

To confirm that SQLstream s-Server is running, you can use the Java jps -l command. (See for more detail on this command.) Since s-Server runs as the sqlstream user, you will need to run jps-l it as sudo in order to see s-Server running. This command will produce something like the following if s-Server is running:


2560 com.sqlstream.aspen.server.AspenVJdbcServer