Installation Guide Appendix

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Installation Guide Appendix

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The appendix to this guide covers topics related to installation, but not directly involved in the installation process.

It includes the following topics:

Appendix: Managing s-Server as a Service. s-Server runs as a service by default. This topic describes managing the service.

Appendix: SQLstream s-Server Installation Directories. This topic describes in detail the directories used by s-Server.

Appendix: Upgrading SQLstream s-Server. Upgrading requires specific steps. These are described here.

Appendix: Command-line Installation. s-Server can be installed without a graphical interface by appending --mode text to the installer. Process of text-only installation is described here.

Appendix: Network Configuration Issues for s-Server. Describes issues related to host names for s-Server and other SQLstream components.

Appendix: Running Multiple Instances of s-Server on the Same System. You can run multiple instances of s-Server, but this requires specific steps, described here.

Appendix: Using the SQLstream Blaze AMI. s-Server is available as an Amazon Machine Image. For more information, please contact SQLstream technical support at  Steps for installing it as such are described here.

Appendix: Downloading and Installing MySQL Connector. MySQL Connector is the JDBC driver for MySQL. If you plan to use MySQL with SQLstream s-Server, you will need to download and install MySQL Connector. Steps are described here.