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The SQLLINECLIENT is a command line interface for s-Server, which lets you run individual SQL commands and scripts.

You can start sqllineClient from either from a desktop launcher, by double-clicking the SQLLine icon, or from a Linux shell prompt:


$SQLSTREAM_HOME/bin/sqllineClient [options] [port] [<input.sql]

$SQLSTREAM_HOME/bin/sqllineClient --color=true 5570


Note: $SQLSTREAM_HOME refers to the installation directory for s-Server, such as /opt/sqlstream/4.0.XXX.

From the client, you can execute individual SQL commands and SQL scripts


ALTER PUMP "200-ConditionedOrdersPump" START;

!run catalog.sql

!run support/sql/showPumps.sql


The client has the following metacommands:

!run – executes named script

!quit – disconnects from SQLstream s-Server and quits sqllineClient

!set – dumps all user-controllable settings

!record – records all output to a file

!help – lists all metacommands


User controllable settings are as follows:

!set incremental true | false

!set color true | false

!set force true | false

!set outputformat csv | xml | vertical | table

!set maxwidth n


You can also set the JDBC connect string from sqllineClient: