Tutorial 2: Introduction to Coding with Streaming SQL

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Tutorial 2: Introduction to Coding with Streaming SQL

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In the last tutorial, we used StreamLab to connect with a data source, perform a simple analytic on the data, and visualize the data. As it worked, StreamLab was generating SQL. SQL is a query language that has been used for decades to query databases. SQLstream uses a version of SQL extended for streaming data. The Streaming SQL Reference guide provides a full definition of this SQL.

Common tasks in SQL include creating streams and tables, inputting data into these tables, querying these streams and tables, moving data from between objects, and performing analysis on this data.

This tutorial instructs you how to complete these tasks in SQL, first by using SQLstream's Integrated Development Environment, s-Studio, and second by writing SQL by hand and executing it using sqlline, a console utility for executing SQL.

Tutorial 2A: Creating a Stream and View in SQLstream s-Studio

Tutorial 2B: Coding Streaming SQL in SQLstream sqlLine