Launch a dashboard

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Launch a dashboard

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Now that you've formatted and applied a calculation to your data, the next step is to create a dashboard to display your data.


A dashboard is a graphical display of data. You create these by assigning them parameters, launching them from StreamLab, and then changing preferences for the dashboard.

Using the speed column that you categorized in the previous section, you can create a dashboard with a map that shows speeding buses as red and non-speeding buses as green.

To do so:

1.  Click Custom Dashboards

2.  Click Map and Table

This dashboard requires five columns: the latitude and longitude for each event, a value to be shown at that location, a key used to categorize that value, and a unique ID identify the objects being tracked.


3.  You can leave value at its default. Select the lat column for latitude and the lon column for longitude. For the key, select speed, and for id, select id.

4.  After entering information for the dashboard, click the + button in the Suggestions window to add the category to the Script.

5.  Click the sl_guide_view_dashboard_button icon in the Script to launch the dashboard. (You can always launch dashboards from the Script for any particular step in the Script.)

Customizing the Dashboard

A dashboard appears, with two panels created. The same stream is open in both panels, the top panel shows it as a table while the bottom shows StreamLab's World Events map.

1.  Click the SQLstream logo in the upper right corner of the map panel.

2.  In the menu that opens, choose Select Panel.

3.  Select Pan & Zoom Map and click Select.


Now, you can change preferences for the panel itself.

In the panel that opens, open the panel menu again and choose Panel Preferences.

1.  Enter 2000 for Maximum Events and unselect Cluster events

2.  Set the Event Label to: <%= id %>

3.  Use the plus button to add two more entries in the Key Color Map

4.  Enter speeding and set the circle color to red.

5.  Leave the second entry blank and set the color circle to green.

6.  Click Update.


Save the dashboard. The dashboard can now be opened even if StreamLab is not running.

Click the Copy Dashboard to Clipboard button.