Repository Parameters

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Repository Parameters

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The SQLstream repository contains all the definitions of objects (schemas, streams, views, etc.) defined in your system. In addition to these objects, the repository holds various parameters regarding the internal operation of the repository itself, called system parameters.

You set repository parameters using SQL:

ALTER SYSTEM SET <name> = <value>;

ALTER SESSION SET <name> = <value>;


Note that parameter names are mixed-case identifiers, so you will need to enclose them in double quotes. For example, to set the databaseMaxSize parameter to 100000, you would type

ALTER SYSTEM SET "databaseMaxSize" = 100000;


The SYSTEM and SESSION designators determine the scope of the parameter being set. There are three levels of scope for a repository parameter: SYSTEM, DEFAULT, and SESSION, as explained in the following table.

Scope level



Value applies to the whole system (all nodes, all sessions).


Value applies to all SESSIONs that do not specifically override the value.


Value applies only to the current session.

SYSTEM and DEFAULT scope persist across restarts of the server. SESSION scope applies only to a running session. For details, see ALTER SESSION and ALTER SYSTEM in the SQLstream SQL Reference Guide.