Teradata & SQLstream Blaze Unified Data Architecture Streaming integration of Fast + Big data

"SQLstream Blaze is the perfect complement to our data warehouse.“Real-time processing is central to our Unified Data Architecture, and with SQLstream, we can offer our clients data stream processing with the confidence of a certified integration to their existing Teradata platforms."

VP, Product and Services Marketing


The partnership between SQLstream and Teradata delivers the integration of SQLstream Blaze for real- time processing within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture. The integration ensures that organizations extract the maximum value from all available data by processing data in motion and data at rest in an integrated data processing and analytics architecture.

Businesses can react to their live data by processing each new record as it arrives in SQLstream Blaze. The integration with Teradata enables SQLstream Blaze to join data at rest with arriving data in motion, and to maintain the accuracy of data at rest in the database through streaming ingestion.


  • Fast + Big data applications in minutes

    Interactive, agile development enables users to deploy new real-time applications in minutes that are pre-integrated with the Teradata data
    warehouse, all without programming.