StreamLab Building streaming apps in minutes

"As we move toward a more real-time business environment, the capability to process data flows swiftly and flexibly will become increasingly important. SQLstream leads the industry in this kind of capability."

Chief Analyst @ Bloor Group


Streaming is often associated with high-performance, real-time analytics. Yet for many users, their first problem is the collection, integration and ingestion of their unstructured data streams.

This latest demo video of StreamLab shows how to stream unstructured real-time data into an existing data warehouses in a matter of minutes, with the added benefit of the automated generation of real-time dashboards from the data as they stream past.

StreamLab provides interactive data stream discovery and a graphical HTML5 browser interface on top of Blaze, our distributed SQL Fast+Big Data processing platform. Live data (in this case GPS data) is formatted and analyzed in real-time using hints-based guided exploration and graphical tools, with output streams connected directly to the data storage platforms as well as the real-time dashboards.


  • Graphical HTML5 browser interface

    Interactive data stream discovery and visualization.

  • Designed for all enterprise power users

    Developers aside, data scientists and analysts can also explore and visualize their streaming data without coding.

  • Metadata-driven dashboard configuration

    An AI-driven suggestions tool produces provides hints-based guided stream exploration and analysis.

  • Fully integrated with s-Server as part of SQLstream Blaze

    Every user action in StreamLab automatically generates and executes the required streaming SQL on s-Server.

  • Suitable for operational intelligence and the Internet of Things