The partnership between SQLstream and Teradata delivers the integration of SQLstream Blaze for realtime processing within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture. The integration ensures that organizations extract the maximum value from all available data by processing data in motion and data at rest in an integrated data processing and analytics architecture.

Businesses can react to their live data by processing each new record as it arrives in SQLstream Blaze, with the integration with Teradata enabling SQLstream Blaze to join data at rest with arriving data in motion, and to maintain the accuracy of data at rest in the database through continuous ETL.

Benefits for Teradata customers

  • Continuous, streaming access to ALL data – Fast+ Big
  • Live actions derived directly from data in motion through streaming ingestion, integration and analysis
  • Reduced cost and process complexity through centralized Fast+Big Data processing infrastructures
  • Improved productivity through open standards such as SQL and Java, with open APIs, and interactive, graphical tools for real-time application development.

The SQLstream Blaze Adapter for Teradata

The SQLstream Blaze Adapter for Teradata Database supports continuous read and write operations plus change data capture of Teradata Database table updates. The Adapter uses the Teradata JDBC driver and is supported on Teradata Database 14.10, 15.0 and 15.10. SQLstream Blaze records the metadata necessary to reference a table in a remote Teradata Database and to access each table as if it were local to the SQLstream Blaze platform.

The integration adapter provides the JDBC connectivity for continuous read and write operations between Blaze and the Teradata Database, for example, for the continuous ETL of machine data into Teradata, and the ability to join trend data from Teradata with data streams.

The adapter supports real-time change data capture (CDC) from Teradata Data tables, transforming table updates into a continuous stream of data tuples for processing in SQLstream Blaze as a live data stream. The CDC mechanism utilizes polling queries over the JDBC driver with a high watermark to maintain the ‘tailing’ offset.


  • All data, always on

    Deploying SQLstream Blaze for real-time processing of data in motion within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture enables customers to harness all their available data, and to drive business value from both data in motion and data at rest. Answers are available immediately with zero latency, enabling businesses to act and to drive their operations in real time.