SQLstream Blaze is a streaming analytics platform enabling anyone to create streaming applications in minutes, that deliver streaming ingest, analytics, and live action. Blaze pushes real-time contextual insights to applications by incrementally analyzing infinite streams of data at rates of millions of records per second, continuously, in real time, and with no need to store. Designed and patented as a distributed platform based on open ANSI SQL standards and APIs, Blaze delivers flexible development and deployment of scalable stream processing, reusable analytics operations, and applications, on and between cloud and on premises.

Blaze powers Amazon Kinesis Analytics and is the heart of streaming analytics solutions that improve customer experience, automate services, secure systems, advance operational efficiency, and even save lives.


  • Easy ingestion of streaming data in the cloud and on-premises
  • Painless operationalization of insight, continuously and in real time
  • Using existing apps, databases, data warehouses, and skillsets
  • Real-time, lower-cost analytics deployments
  • Low-latency and high-performance data processing at scale: millions of records per second per CPU core processed with 1-5 millisecond latency
  • Automated, accurate, contextual actions
  • ZERO downtime


  • Concurrent, continuous, real-time processing
  • From raw data to streaming apps in minutes
  • Top streaming analytics platform according to Forrester