In August 2016, Amazon Kinesis Analytics licensed and implemented core Blaze technology. The combination of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and SQLstream Blaze makes it easier than ever to cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between cloud and on premises. SQLstream designed its Blaze streaming analytics platform to enable anyone to create real-time applications from raw data in minutes, that deliver streaming data ingestion, streaming analytics, and live actions. Now IT management, developers, and data analysts can benefit from common code between Kinesis Analytics and Blaze to process real-time insights from all data.

SQLstream Blaze + Amazon Kinesis Analytics Advantages

  • Continuous, real-time, scalable, and integration, analysis and management of on premises and cloud streaming data
  • Seamless integration with compatible streaming SQL execution on cloud and on premises
  • Accurate contextual insight and action, continuously and in real time with unbeatable productivity & performance
  • Intuitive interactive web GUI based on familiar open SQL & Java standards.


  • Close to the source

    Automatic discovery and simplification of streaming data ingestion, preparation, and transformation close to the source reduces data volumes flowing to the cloud.
    At the same time, integration and analysis of data close to the source, while utilizing common logic between Blaze and Kinesis environments, seamlessly extend analytic capabilities.