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Smart cities

Combine raw data (waste and lighting networks, road and vehicle status, social media and geolocation sensors, public call systems and alerts, seismic and weather data) and stored data (traffic and maintenance reports, demographics, seismic and weather data) to decrease traffic congestion, reduce pollution and system outages, and optimize utilization of services through an integrated, multi-modal platform for monitoring and control.

Example Applications

  • · Real-time visualization
  • · Automated reports
  • · Automated cold chain maintenance
  • · Automated/smart parking
  • · Automated traffic congestion and fire response models
  • · Alerts for system health or security breaches
  • · Automated shutdowns
  • · Automated scheduling and staffing for maintenance and repairs
  • · Continuous load into any number of destinations, simultaneously: Hadoop, NoSQL platforms, Oracle, SQLServer, and RDBMS platforms such as Teradata