Streaming analytics


Combine raw data (sensor, network, transaction records, social media) and stored data (personal history, network and security data, demographics, research data) to optimize operations by detecting system threats, monitoring and integrating all processes in real time, and automatizing actions. Increase revenue through support of multiple applications, millions of users and subscription-based aggregated feeds.

Example Applications

  • · Smart homes (energy, water and waste management, remote control systems, security systems, art preservation)
  • · Smart lifestyles (content consumption, fitness, fashion, pet care, travel)
  • · Smart environment (forest fire detection, air pollution and snow level monitoring, landslide and avalanche prediction, earthquake early detection)
  • · Water monitoring applications (tap water quality, chemical leakage detection, sea pollution monitoring, water leakage/waste detection, flood prevention)
  • · Physical security applications (perimeter security control, radiation and hazardous substances measuring, liquid detection)
  • · Smart agriculture (soil humidity and pest monitoring, greenhouse networks, offspring care, animal tracking, weather station control)
  • · Smart logistics and industrial control (quality of shipment conditions, item and storage incompatibility detection, fleet tracking, vehicle and machine autodiagnosis, air/temperature/ozone monitoring)