Capabilities Fast data, smarter apps

SQLstream Blaze enables business analysts and software developers to create distributed streaming apps in minutes, that deliver data ingestion, integration, analytics, and action, continuously and in real time.

Streaming ingestion

SQLstream Blaze acquires data from multiple, disparate sources, capturing and integrating it continuously and in real time, at rates of millions of records per second per CPU core. This makes the right data available the moment it’s created.


Streaming analytics

SQLstream Blaze filters, aggregate, enriches and analyses all kinds of data streams, whether structured or unstructured, local or distributed, in-motion or at-rest. This makes the data meaningful the very moment it’s acquired.


Live action

SQLstream Blaze can operationalize data into streaming visualization and real-time triggers, or push data into long-term storage for later analysis.  Both uses ensure that data drives the right actions at the right time.


Machine Learning

SQLstream Blaze handles all data discovery and wrangling, while allowing for continuous training of ML models with no downtime and a fully distributed architecture.

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