The latest product update of SQLstream, version 2.5.1, has just been released and shipped.  This will be the final 2.x release prior to the SQLstream 3 launch, and although SQLstream 2.5.1 is predominately a maintenance release, it does include a range of feature enhancements, including:

– Support for exponentially decaying averages in windowed aggregation functions

– Enhancements to the standard Log File and Socket Adapters

A number of our customers have already downloaded and upgraded to the new version, and across a range of industries, including those in transportation, sensor network management, e-Commerce and web analytics.

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But what of SQLstream 3?  Well, watch this space.  SQLstream 3 will take a major step forward, not just in SQLstream’s stream computing product capability, but also in the way stream computing solutions are built and deployed.  More on this over the coming months.