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Stream analytics, easy to use.

SQLstream Blaze brings SQL-compliant stream analytics, data wrangling, and automated actions in one real-time, easy-to-use platform for developers and analysts alike. In 2017, SQLstream Blaze became a Strong Performer in Forrester's Streaming Analytics report for making “streaming easy and blazing fast”.

Kafka + SQLstream Blaze

A full-service distributed data management system.


Latest updates

On February 13 we built a machine learning application in less than 30 minutes, during a joint webinar with our partner DataRobot.

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Primex replaces serverless, inefficient, pay-as-you-go architecture with SQLstream Blaze, restoring IoT service to profitability.

case study

SQLstream joins forces with Cisco, Data#3, QuantumIT, Quanergy, Astrata and Bartco Visual Information Systems for a major IoT pilot in Adelaide.

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Our product

SQLstream Blaze replaces the save-first strategy employed by traditional Big Data technologies with a query-then-store model that allows you to optimize your operations on-the-go, avert disasters before they happen, and make the right business decision at the right time.

Our stream analytics solution processes and analyzes all your raw streaming data continuously as it's produced, simultaneously enriching it with historical data for a complete, accurate, and relevant business context.

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March 7 2018

SQLstream Announces Tighter Integration with Apache Kafka

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February 14 2018

IN THE NEWS | Which Programming Language Is Best for Big Data?

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February 1 2018

SQLstream Makes Headlines in Adelaide Smart City Trials

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January 16 2018

Primex Boosts IoT Profits in the Cloud with Streaming Analytics

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Our customers

Our customers use SQLstream Blaze to improve customer experience, automate services, secure systems, advance operational efficiency, and even save lives.

"No other vendor enabled us to deliver both performance and analysis we needed for our applications that literally help us save lives."

— ECaTS, Chris Duxler, VP Data Architecture

"Before, we had 600 shards of Kinesis running, and that means that 600 lambda functions were running. Now, one server running SQLstream is processing 600 shards worth of data. It's doing all the same calculations, processing the same amount of data and it’s giving me all that data at the same time. Huge cost savings."

— Kevin Runde, Chief Architect, Primex