process Fast + Big Data continuously and in real time

From streaming data to deployed apps in minutes.

SQLstream Blaze is the only SQL-based stream processing platform for streaming ingestion, streaming analytics, and automated actions. In 2016, SQLstream Blaze became a top technology in Forrester's leader circle for Streaming Analytics.

Kafka + SQLstream Blaze

A full-service distributed data management system.


What is SQLstream Blaze?

SQLstream Blaze is the only SQL-based stream technology that can process infinite streams of raw data concurrently, continuously, and in real time through applications that take just a few minutes to develop.

When added to existing messaging systems like Kafka, SQLstream Blaze creates a complete, high-performance, resilient, fault-tolerant architecture that can seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems to make sure you respond to changing business conditions right when they happen.

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  1. Development and updates take minutes, not months
  2. Operations can be run concurrently and continuously, without interrupting execution
  3. Performance scales to millions of records per second per CPU core with 1-5 millisecond latency
  1. ANSI-compliant SQL for query, and Java for custom ingestion/egress and for extending compute capabilities tap into existing skill sets
  2. Portable queries and other compute functions can be moved in out out of the system and reused in other contexts
  3. Operations expressed in standard ways are automatically optimized
  1. Implementations use existing database and data warehouse investments and can reduce hardware requirements up to 50x
  2. Development takes minutes: fastest time-to-market
  3. Rich feature set (for stream ingestion/egress, processing, querying, and automated actions) covers the entire stream processing data flow; no additional technologies needed.

Latest updates

Our Q2 series continues with a Kafka-focused webinar on Thursday, May 25th, at 10:15AM PST. Learn about using SQLstream Blaze on Kafka with for QoS applications.

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After the news that Amazon Kinesis Analytics is based in part on certain technology components licensed from SQLstream, our product suite is now available on AWS Marketplace.

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If you'll be at MongoDB World '17 on June 20-21st, let us talk about how SQLstream Blaze brings SQL-powered Streaming Analytics to NoSQL environments.

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Our customers

Our customers use SQLstream Blaze to improve customer experience, automate services, secure systems, advance operational efficiency, and even save lives.

"No other vendor enabled us to deliver both performance and analysis we needed for our applications that literally help us save lives."

— ECaTS, Chris Duxler, VP Data Architecture

"They met our requirements entirely and they provided the only 100% ISO ANSI/SQL standards-based streaming platform. That enabled us massive scalability, a very fast deployment and a highly competitive TCO."

— Christian Lees, CTO, Infoarmor