Data, always on

SQLstream empowers people, services, and machines to take the next right action, continuously and in real time. We now power Amazon Kinesis Analytics.

Fast Data

Ingest live, raw, unstructured, or structured data and analyze continuously, from any source, in any format, and at any speed

Big Data

Bring to life raw, stored, static data from databases, data lakes, and data warehouses with streaming analytics

Acquire Analyze Act

Apps thrive with real-time context

Our streaming analytics platform pushes real-time contextual insights to apps by incrementally analyzing infinite streams of Fast+Big Data, continuously, in real time, and with no need to store.


Streaming ingestion, streaming analytics, live action

Businesses in any industry can achieve live actions by using Blaze for continuous, real-time data ingestion, integration, and analysis.


Connect and adapt

From Actian Ingres to ZeroMQ, SQLstream Blaze is built to work with any data source, and any destination. As data volumes grow, Blaze acts as a central nervous system, integrating and synthesizing data input, and informing downstream applications and operations.


Continuous, real-time advantage

Our customers use SQLstream Blaze to improve customer experience, automate services, secure systems, advance operational efficiency, and even save lives.

"No other vendor enabled us to deliver both performance and analysis we needed for our applications that literally help us save lives."

— ECaTS, Chris Duxler, VP Data Architecture

"They met our requirements entirely and they provided the only 100% ISO ANSI/SQL standards-based streaming platform. That enabled us massive scalability, a very fast deployment and a highly competitive TCO."

— Christian Lees, CTO, Infoarmor
COMING UP | Webinar series

Real-time for the bottom line

Starting in September, the "Real-time for the bottom line" webinar series looks at how true real-time technologies can influence success by empowering businesses to make the right decision, at the right time, all the time. SQLstream, together with our guests, explored streaming analytics (with Forrester, September 13), and will discuss streaming ingestion (October 25th, with ECaTS and Teradata) and live action (November).